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Hi, my name is Sultonah Theriot (“suh-toh-nuh terry-oh”) and I am a mom, an artist, and an educator based in the Houston, Texas area. I have a background in education and a Masters of Art in Teaching from the University of Louisiana. My passion is making art accessible, teaching the wonders and joys of creativity to others. As an art educator with experience in teaching across the world with students of all abilities, my family and I decided to open our studio to other little artists looking to embrace their creative side!

I started Little Bits & Masterpieces because I whole-heartedly believe that Every Child is an Artist!

Every human contributes art to the world everyday, whether they realize it or not. There’s an artist inside of everyone waiting to come out.

I offer a space where everyone’s strengths are explored in their art, and I help children to realize that they’ve always been capable. Art gives a voice to the voiceless, and a means to express oneself when words cannot.

As a parent, we know that sometimes we cannot understand our children or there's part of a connection missing. Through art, children can express themselves with things words cannot say.

I thrive in the chaos that is childhood creativity. What others see as chaotic and messy, I see inspiring, growth, and metamorphosis. I started Little Bits & Masterpieces to give my own children a space to explore their creativity, and I can’t wait to watch your children explore theirs.

One thing you should know about entrusting your child’s artistic exploration to us is that when your little artist works in our studio, whether it be through art classes, our afterschool program, kid's night out, birthday parties, homeschool classes, or art camp, they will take part in a lively, fun experience and leave with artwork to match.

At Little Bits & Masterpieces Creative Studio, we encourage and champion:

  • independent thinking.

  • creative solutions.

  • trial and error.

  • learning through experiencing.

We facilitate and guide, step in to help when needed, but we do not do for. We teach our students to trust the process and to build trust and confidence within themselves and their abilities. From my family to yours, we can’t wait to see you!

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