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baby Basquiat Zumbini

The Ultimate Bonding Experience

It’s also a great place for caregivers to get out and meet other new parents! 🤸‍♀️ Created by Zumba and BabyFirst, Zumbini is an early childhood education program that uses original music and movement to promote cognitive, social, fine/gross motor skill, and emotional development for children ages 0 - 4, all while creating the ultimate bonding experience for families.

This once-a-week class helps with young children’s:

Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development​​​​

Your child will be constantly moving during Zumbini class, developing their fine motor skills with small movements, such as playing instruments, and their gross motor skills when performing large ones, such as dancing.

​Social Development

As they spend time with the instructor, other children, and other caregivers in class, they develop highly impactful social interaction through the interactive nature of our live class and mixed-age format.

Cognitive Development

The combination of music and movement stimulates both sides of your child's brain and forces them to draw patterns between the songs and activities in class. Furthermore, your child will use logic and reasoning to replicate the activities that he or she watches you do, such as wave a scarf or shake an eggshaker

Sessions are for caregivers + kiddos ages 0-4. Caregivers must be ready to actively participate. 

Class size: 10 caregivers + child

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